[Humanstuck: Erisol] BEHAVVE!: Chapter 2

A/N: I think… i have enough back story here to get something going. -shrugs- Here’s chapter 2. You get to see the twins finally. -flails arms-

Chapter 2- It Takes More Than A Little Insomnia To Get Me To Back Down

Eridan floundered around the ocean as long as he could. His eyes refused to quit darting back towards the beach, trying to spot his -as much as he found it strange to say- boyfriends. The attempts were futile seeing as his eyesight was complete shit. He didn’t even know why he tried.

For all the time he spent in the ocean he managed to successful catch at least a dozen, if not more, waves. They helped drown out his thoughts of the twins as he was concentrating hard on keeping his balance and manoeuvring.

Eridan would soon find himself sneaking a glance at the beach, trying to spot out matching globs on the faint yellow sand. Perhaps almost an hour had passed when Gamzee decided he’d retreat back to the beach and catch a breath. Eridan murmured a small plead for Gamzee to remain out in the ocean with him but he was swiftly left in the middle of the ocean. He raced back to shore after Gamzee, lifting his board under his arm.

He shook the water out of his hair as he wandered up to where the two had left Tavros. He spotted the Captors, not needing his glasses in order to see the smug conceited grins they held.

“Why didn’t you answer my text?”

Eridan pouted slightly, gently placing his board over the sand. “Sorry, guess I didn’t get it.”

“Or you ignored it like the bathtard we know you can be.”

This, in retrospect, was basically how Sol and Lux usually began their banters against Eridan, which he found to be a completely unfair match. The two scooted away from each other, leaving almost the perfect amount of space for Eridan to sit in between. It had only been about three weeks and already the two had created some sort of system for Eridan to latch onto.

Eridan bit back a frown, running his hand over a long scar on his stomach. The cut had faded pretty well but a clear indent indicated some healing hadn’t made it all the way through. He perched himself neatly in between the two, brushing his fingers through his hair to push back the loose strands over his forehead.

“When are you going to tell us how you got that scar?” Lux asked, curiously brushing his finger against Eridan’s damp skin.

Eridan swat away Lux’s hand, snarling at him a little  “I’ll tell you when I’m fuckin’ savvy to givin’ the story.”

Sol huffed. “Which ith almotht never.”

“No need to be such a sour puss Sol. There’s only two other people who know, so you better consider yourselves fuckin’ lucky if I do bother to tell.”

“I’m pithing with exthitement.” Sol bantered with a cocky grin. “Oh how I can’t wait until that day cometh.”

“He’s got a point there.” Lux responded.

“Fuck the both of you.” Eridan snapped “Listen, if I’m up to tellin’ you the story I’ll say when it is, but it’s still somethin’ I’d rather not share anyways.”

The twins were about to make a comment when a soft interjection was made. “Uh, maybe you guys shouldn’t harass him so much about it. I mean, it’s uh, sort of rude.”

“Please, he doesn’t care,” Lux said, raking his fingers through Eridan’s hair. Eridan shivered, feeling Lux scrape his nails against his sensitive scalp. A firm pressure was applied to the back of his head as he was forced to face Lux. He found himself hovering awfully close to Lux’s lips, just barely brushing the thin pink skin. “Right ED?”

Eridan’s shoulders went rigid. He momentarily had his eyes crossed. A towel was draped over his body, along with an arm that wrapped around his waist. He felt relief that his skin was still damp with cool water to steal away some of the heat from his blushing. He nudged his finger over Lux’s chin, pushing the man back to get some room.

“Sure. So… uh, what was it you texted me about anyways?” Eridan asked.

Lux accompanied Sol in wrapping his arms around Eridan. It left the man to sit somewhat awkwardly in the sand with the two tangling around his torso.

“We wanted to thee if you were doing anything later thith afternoon.” Sol started.

“But then GZ told us you had invited him to go to the beach.”

“And pothibily get thomething to eat after.”

“So we decided after running some errands that we’d come here.”

Oh Eridan was going to kill Gam. He glanced over to the tall man, glaring at how his head was perched on Tavros’ lap like he didn’t have a fucking care in the world. Well he’d show that idiot a thing or two! Eridan huffed, shuffling a bit between the two as he swiped at the sand clinging to his feet.

“I thought you two had exams to study for.” He didn’t even need to look at the twins once those words left his lips. Eridan halted his action, ducking his head into his knees. “Never mind, stupid question.”

“We were just kind of worried.” Lux stated, holding Eridan just a bit tighter than Sol was.

“Yeah, you haven’t been in clath for the patht week. What’th up?” Sol added.

“Sorry,” Eridan said, rubbing his forehead, “my father caught some terrible flu so I’ve been trying to help the best I could to run his company. It’s been puttin’ a shit ton of stress on my body. I’ve been sleepin’ in without even noticin’.”

“Why do you have to run the company? Doesn’t your dad have enough money to pay people to do that for him when he’s not feeling so hot?”

“Oh sure, but those people he pays ain’t the ones who’ll inherit the whole fuckin’ organization.”

“I thought GZ wath going to be the one who got to take over the family buthineth.” Sol and the other two looked towards Gamzee who still hummed away peacefully with Tavros. Y’know… there were days Eridan wondered how he was even remotely related to Gamzee, especially through blood as cousins. A lot of the time Eridan came to believe he was adopted, or dropped as a child.

“Do you see him taking any financial or business classes? Or anything even remotely close to the phrase ‘I’d like to learn fuckin’ leadership and how to become a CEO. Please enlist me in this class’?”

“Well some of the classes you’re currently taking aren’t exactly business management material.” Lux snorted.

Eridan pouted, feeling this week’s monster headache begin to wake up again from that statement. “I see no problem in takin’ an… artistic curricular. I’m pretty much destined to land my ass right in the seat of my dad’s throne once he retires. Takin’ advantage of the freedom I have now is all I can fuckin’ do at this point to have anything remotely close to fun.”

“Or you could ditch the whole ‘inherit your daddy’th kingdom’ shtick and do whatever the fuck it ith you want to do.”

Well, it wasn’t as if Eridan hadn’t contemplated that before. Plenty of times he sat in his room, lost in the many possibilities and probabilities if he decided to leave the family order. Because of the stupid scar on Eridan’s stomach and the fact his father was apathetic of his existence , he had been taken out of the family tradition of having to join the Navy before taking over the company.

Eridan would have been unbelievably flattered for breaking such a tradition but it left him wandering around, questioning whether he really wanted to take over his dad’s place or not. Eridan didn’t want to admit it, but he felt he if there was any way of getting out of running their business he would probably take it. He just didn’t like it. He didn’t like how his dad was never home. He didn’t like how his dad’s manager was the one who practically raised him. He didn’t like how his dad only talked to him to say how he’d better do a good job once Eridan was established to start working. And that wasn’t a supportive cheer, it was a threatening demand.

Lost within his thoughts Eridan hadn’t noticed how the twins were detecting the sudden change in mood. The two looked to each other, mismatched amber and blue eyes glancing at their reflection and then Eridan. The two stroked their fingers along side his back, kissed his cheek and jaw line in an attempt to catch his attention.

“ED,” they finally said, pulling Eridan away from his thoughts.

“Wha… sorry. Did you guys say something?”

“Let’th go dump your shit in your car and grab thomething to eat.” Sol tapped Eridan’s head several times. “It’ll make you feel better.”

“Who says I’m feelin’ bad?”

“Your face.” Lux poked the man’s cheek.

“Yeah man, let’s get to grabbing something to fill us up until our stomachs are glowing and happy.” Gamzee dragged the last syllable with a massive smile.

The twins both nodded, looking to Eridan as if waiting for him to reject. Eridan glanced at both men, letting his shoulders slump slightly. “Okay, we can go. I had my fun here anyways.”

The group scrambled to their feet and gathered their things. Eridan held his surf board close to his side and unconsciously traced his finger along the scar over his stomach. It was sort of a habit he had developed whenever he was over stressed or lost in his own thoughts.

He knew the twins had noticed it before hand, it was why they hassled him all the time to explain where it came from. Most assumed the event had been traumatizing so they quit asking but the Captors refused to back down. They were fucking lucky his scar wasn’t that distressing, but that didn’t mean that he wanted to talk about it.

Eridan took out his keys to unlock his car, snatching a towel out the trunk and draping it over his head. He propped his surf board against the side of the vehicle, but before he could do anything else a pair of hands began drying his hair. Eridan almost cried out in objection to Lux making that sort of assistance but Sol caught his attention.

“What’th been with you lately ED. I thought you had all the fucking free time in the world.”

“Yeah, you aren’t normally this busy.” Lux scrubbed the towel over Eridan’s hair a few more times before letting the fabric drape over his shoulders.

Eridan gave a small pout, not even having to look at his reflection to know his hair was tangled and probably looked shitty. He raked his fingers through the dark brown locks, twirling some passed the patch of dyed purple at the center of his head.

“Well like I said, dad caught some nasty shit so I’m trying to help him out.”

“Or you’re trying to avoid uth.” Sol smirked.

Okay… that may have been slightly true.

“Please, even if that was the case I could travel half way around the world and you two would still be on my tail like we were fuckin’ next door neighbours.”

“Damn straight.” Lux laughed.

“Look, its nothing too big to worry about. I know dad’ll get better soon and then we can have all the little fun dates you guys have planned, okay?”

The heat was…


really hot.

Since the roads were crowded with so many tourists, the group decided to walk around the town in search of a restaurant. For the time, with many people crowded around, they decided to get something quick at a nearby taco shack.

Every other place was flooded with customers, so waiting in line couldn’t be avoided. While the group was waiting for their orders Tavros had been going on and on about how he was getting some new job near one of the restaurants around town. It seemed to really interest Gamzee because he became just as excited as Tavros was.

To Eridan, Sol and Lux however, it held significantly less interest. It did lead them onto the topic of work though. It was kind of funny to think about the twins working separate jobs. It sort of baffled Eridan but he didn’t let the concept baffle him too long.

You see, Sol didn’t really enjoy spending much time out of his room –not that Lux didn’t either but he was a bit more lenient- so Sol worked in tech support.

Lux on the other hand worked in a completely different field. He managed to score a job as a mechanic which came as a surprise to Eridan. Lux insisted it was because he had more interest in actually designing physical blocks of electronics rather then programming them. Programming was what Sol was better at after all.

Their conversations meandered along until they had finished their meals and started back for the cars. Eridan felt the pressure of his busy week begin to settle over his eyelids when they  got to his vehicle. He was much more silent than his normally rowdy and obnoxious self.

The heat from the sun just murdered him. It beat down over his back, surprisingly not creating a sun burn but definitely a tired body. The twins at some point had wrapped their arms around Eridan’s, grabbing his hands and guiding him as they walked to his car. He just felt so incredibly sleepy.

The distance from the beach to Eridan’s house was short. Sol took it upon himself to drive his brother and Eridan to their boyfriend’s house. Upon getting there Eridan covered his mouth as he yawned. He sluggishly opened the door, leaning on it and nearly slamming it into the wall there.

“Don’t eat all the food here, okay?”

“We promithe nothing.”

Eridan frowned when Sol tucked his arm under Eridan’s and guided him to the living room. The three sat on the couch, facing towards an expensive flat screen television set. Eridan didn’t really pay attention to the twins trying to decide what to watch. For the moment, with their voices blending into one and his body shutting down after sweating out the heat within him, he may have drifted off to sleep.

Eridan closed his eyes for only a second, or at least that’s what it felt like. Last he remembered he was chilling on the sofa in his living room with the sound of gun shots and foot steps in the background. Now, it was quiet. Only the faint sounds of cars and chirping birds caught his attention. Eridan glanced over his body, recognizing his bedroom tinted with the oranges and yellows from the warm sunset.

He tried to move his arms but felt pressure on either side. With a quick glance Eridan realised he should have expected the twins to be tangled around him. Okay, he had to admit it; they were pretty cute all snuggled up on either side of him. Eridan sighed, wrapping his arms a bit tighter around the two.

It really sucked.

For a while Eridan had thought that his fantasies of being with the twins would be just that; fantasies. He was well aware of how selfish he was, wanting to have both of them. Then they asked those stupid questions. While Eridan was torn over how he felt about the Twins, they had asked him if he liked them. Of course Eridan denied any feelings he may have possibly had quickly when asked.

There was no way of telling if they knew Eridan silently adored both young men, they never brought it up. He just knew they could sense he liked at least one of the Captors. They had coaxed him for so long into being in a relationship -because of how nervous Eridan was to actually accept such a thing- he remembered how much confidence he’d had in exposing the twins for their little game when this started.

Although, having about three weeks pass with them fawning over him, Eridan didn’t know what to think anymore. He liked the twins and he sure as hell felt guilty the moment he realized that, but when that moment came where the two asked for a relationship he almost flipped his shit. He was so sure they were trying to expose him for being a selfish two-timer so he constantly claimed he was doing it to play their game. Deep down Eridan couldn’t fight the fact that he enjoyed every time the twins held his hands, kissed his lips and entangled themselves around his body. He couldn’t admit to enjoying the texts he received from them, whether they’d be shallow comments or kind words. He couldn’t admit that he was going to cave in some day and just wanted to enjoy the two in his arms without worry or fret.

He couldn’t.

Because apparently he was onto their little game.

And he would be the victor.

Eridan felt one of the twins stir over his arm. He let the muscles relax, seeing glossy mismatched eyes glance towards him. Oh God, did he ever mention how much he fucking loved those eyes. Eridan never showed it but he had several colored sketches and paintings of Sol’s and Lux’s eyes. They just fascinated him beyond belief.

He was aware that he wasn’t the only one; plenty of times during class he had heard women compliment Lux’s eyes and how unique they were –which ultimately left a bit of pain in Eridan’s chest but he always managed to tuck it away. But now, those eyes kept their attention on him, and as much as he wanted to believe it was for the sake of pulling Eridan’s leg, he would sometimes believe they were genuinely looking to him with some form of affection.

“Hey…” Eridan murmured.

“Get any sleep?” Lux asked, tightening his grasp around Eridan’s waist.

“I’m thinkin’ I got a decent amount.”

Lux sighed, rubbing one of his eyes, groaning a bit. “Fucking good ‘cause you looked seriously tired.”


Lux gave a dry laugh. “What do you mean what? I know how obsessed you are with staring at the mirror and making sure you look good ED. Can’t you see how damn tired you look or is all that make-up you wear actually starting to fool you too.”

“Oh please Lux, do you actually think cosmetics could make this gorgeous masterpiece any more stunning?”

“Seriously ED, what’s up?”


“You look really beat up in class a lot too. You even pass out sometimes. Don’t think that those notes magically appear in your binder.”

“Ugh, I know you’re the one who wrote ‘em Lux, I’m not that stupid.”

“I know, I’m just asking why you’re trying to balance big business and school work like it’s something you can do.”

“I can!”

“If you could you wouldn’t be asking me what we learned in class everyday.”

“Is it that much of a crime to want a summary of the material we learned?”

“And have to be tutored about the stuff we learned every time we have a test or quiz?” Lux smirked, flicking his thumb over Eridan’s nose. Eridan let out a small yelp. “You’re getting your agenda all fucked up ED. You’re going to get some serious insomnia if this keeps up dumbass.”

Eridan cringed but took the words into consideration. He felt Lux stroke his fingers across the underside of his jaw line and tip Eridan’s head.

“I’m just telling you this because you’re starting to bum me out with how exhausted you’ve been.”

“I think it’s just because you want me to actually notice when you’re gropin’ my ass.”

“Hmm, that too.” Lux grinned.

A set of lips rested over Eridan’s, pressing firmly onto the pink skin. A shock of static seemed to start a fire on around Eridan’s face as he blushed; he partially blamed the sudden spring heat for that. Lux rested his hand against Eridan’s cheek, pushing down so Eridan was nearly pinned against the bed.

Eridan shuddered a weak whine escaping his lips, feeling another set of hands run down the outlines of his stomach muscles and his scar. He gasped suddenly, looking to his other side and noticed Sol had woken up.

“I want a piethe of thith.” Sol grinned wildly, taking note of the red tint on Eridan’s cheeks.

“Uh-!” Eridan tried to move a bit. “Wait…”

Before any other words could escape him Eridan was ambushed with two pairs of lips pressing all over his face. They creased around his skin; one stealing away his own lips and another tracing along his neck while deft fingers teased the skin under his shirt. Eridan fidgeted slightly, trying hard not to moan or gasp.

“Wait. Wait! I need to -ah- know something before we get any farther…” Eridan interrupted with flailing arm. “Who the fuck changed my clothes?”

The twins looked to each other, grinning wildly at each other. It wasn’t that it took Eridan this long to notice he wasn’t in his swim trunks and was in something more comfortable, but now he couldn’t neglect the fact that someone did strip him naked at some point.

“Ugh, that’s it!” Eridan snarled. “You both owe me a free show for getting to grope n’ see my body while I was sleepin’.”

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